How to Improve Your Bubble Hockey Game?

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Arcades are not as popular as they once were because of the abundance of consoles and other new generation games. But this does not imply that the allure of these gaming zones has faded. Arcade games are every bit as indulging, especially for those who grew up playing in arcades regularly. One of the more easily recognizable games is bubble hockey. It takes the fast-paced game and downsizes it into a table, where players can play against each other using the long rods used to control the players and the goalie.

Bring Bubble Hockey into your game room

Given the portability of bubble hockey, it is possible to bring the game into your game room or basement. It is a great game to play to pass time, and because it does not rely on gamepads or complex graphics to be exciting, the experience you get playing is purely unadulterated.

How to play the game

Bubble hockey is a very simple game to play:

  • Two opposing players stand on either side of the table, and use long rods to control their players.
  • You move these skaters, in or out, and can spin them 360 degrees.
  • A knob controls the goalie.
  • A ‘boo’ button is included in the game to help you simulate the crowd, which is always very engrossed in the game.

The only thing lacking in the game is perhaps the ability to make the players fight. But then again, it wouldn’t be as pure as the real thing.

Thanks to the easy game play, there are no tricks or skills needed to be learned to improve the game of bubble hockey. Good dexterity, coordination, and good hand-eye movement are essential, and can help you play better, but that’s about it. The secret to being good at bubble hockey is to play regularly. Practice after all, makes perfect. To get yourself completely involved in the game, you can paint your players in the colors of your favorite hockey team, as well as add decals to the game.

Cost of Bubble Hockey arcade game

This is not too expensive to purchase, if you choose a good Bubble Hockey play store. Depending on the quality you want, and your budget, you can get it for less than $1,000, for a used game.

If your love for the game runs deeper, and want it in the original way it was created, you can get it anywhere from$1,300 to $3,000. The premium version offers you the best kind of game table. Customization options are available, so you can be able to make your bubble hockey arcade game as personal as possible with decals and paintings.

If you become good at playing, you can participate in a tournament, as these are sometimes held. The prizes might not be huge, but the thrill of playing, and the fan gatherings make every bit of playing deeply exciting.

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